Technologies for Quantum Solutions

MEMS processes for Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing: We push the limits of conventional Quantum Technologies!

The Challenge

The development of Quantum Technologies makes it possible to far surpass the performance of existing computer and sensor systems. Disciplines such as medicine or logistics are only a few of many potential areas of application that can benefit from far-reaching positive effects of Quantum Technologies. Even though a variety of approaches to Quantum Computing exist so far, only a few of them have gone beyond laboratory setups. In order to achieve numerous stable QuBit states in a Quantum Computer System, high R&D efforts are required, providing for instance robust and reliable mechanical parts, processes and resilient algorithms.

Precisely because of these high challenges, we aim to develop new MEMS solutions to shape the future of Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing! As one of the leading institutes in Europe for applied research in MEMS development and processing, we offer you our support in this regard.

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Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISIT offers numerous micro technology processes on 8” wafer (Si, glass quartz) level in its own cleanroom which will realize several applications like hermetically sealed micro-actuators for laser light manipulation and spectroscopy and sensors for weak magnetic field measurement. Some of these processes will be used for realizing basic parts of quantum computers or for quantum sensing, like hermetic vacuum sealing of ion traps (inclusive electrical vias through Si or glass) or moving interferometers parts for suppressing parasitic oscillations.

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Our Use Cases

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Au-coated concave mirrors on glass wafer.

Multi-functional hermetic sealing with combined Glass/Si packages

The ISIT patented 3D glass forming technology enables the production of several optical components like lenses, mirrors, prisms etc. accompanied with hermetic optical packaging and getter integration for getting and maintaining high vacuum.

Technologies for: Photonic circuits, optical signal manipulation for quantum sensing (gravimetry, spectroscopy); Optical (glass in Si) or electrical (metal in glass) feedthroughs for ion traps, [NEW!] technologies also for ultracold applications (tested down to 100 mK).

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2D resonant mirror with hermetic glass dome on Si wafer.

Light manipulation by resonant & quasistatic MEMS mirrors

In addition to our long term proven resonant mirror technology our new piezo actuator design and technology extends the application space substantially. 

Besides tilting motions with this four electrode/actuator architecture also translational or mixed mirror motions can be performed precisely, either in open or closed loop operation by very accurate optical or piezoelectric position sensing.

Technologies for: Multi atom excitation / manipulation or diverse laser cooling, for instance in ion traps or superconductive units.

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Optical bench chip with Au/Sn solder pads; chip size: 6.8 mm x 7 mm x 0.7 mm.

Miniaturized pulsed RGB laser sources

Based on our MEMS wafer processes, we developed a modular glass/silicon packaging platform for heterogeneous integration of optical components. The glass capping provides a hermetic side looking window. The assembly and wire bond interconnection can be performed on single substrates, panels and 200 mm wafers.  Silicon provides the required stability of an optical bench. 

Technologies for: Fourier spectroscopy; Compensation of external motion in the optical or atom beam paths in gravimeters based on atom interferometry; Precise laser motion adjustment.

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MEMS magnetic field sensor with integrated Powder-based permanent magnets.

Detection of weak magnetic fields

Our MEMS magnetic field sensors with either monolithically integrated permanent magnets or a thin-film magnetostrictive layer both demonstrating an exceptionally high sensitivities (up to 43.4 kV/T) and low LOD (down to 7.2 pT / Hz 0.5) in resonance. But even outside resonance, a LOD in the single-digit nT range is achieved. The reached LOD values are the lowest reported for fully MEMS processed resonant magnetic field sensors. The sensors show a high dynamic range with linear behavior over 6 orders of magnitude, while being insensitive to a superimposed DC magnetic field. The spatial resolution of the sensor is in the range of a few 100 µm.

Technologies for: Measuring biomagnetical fields in unshielded environment as well as weak noise fields in Quantum Computing / Quantum Sensing, current measurement with high dynamic range. Suitable for use in arrays and for applications with high spatial resolution.

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Cooperation with customers & partners

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  • Cooperation with Fraunhofer ISIT can either be bilateral or based on public funded projects, all possible under NDA conditions
  • After specs, time frame and efforts agreement we will provide an offer
  • Studies as standalone or as part of a project in a milestone frame
  • Agile methods / know-how will be applied where possible

Our field of competence

Our portfolio

Glass Technology:

Micro Optics:

  • Micro mirrors: 1D/2D micro mirrors, arrays
  • Lenses
  • Lense arrays made of glass

Local magnetic field identification with SAW sensors

Other devices

  • Miniaturized laser sources
  • Si / glass composite wafers and structures
  • Wafer level tilted glass lids of different shapes for hermetic MEMS encapsulation
  • Patterned getter films for high vacuum applications

Our offer

Our technology platforms

Your Benefits

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  • ISIT's decades of experience: Since 1994, Fraunhofer ISIT has been one of the leading institutes in Europe for applied research in MEMS development and processing.
  • Ensuring highest quality by manufacturing all products in ISIT's state of the art clean room factory (2500 m², 8" / 200 mm silicon and crystalline quartz / amorphous glass wafer).
  • Extensive process and technology portfolio: Several products and applications have been realized in industrial and public research collaborations.
  • Ability to fabricate a wide range of optical vacuum packages for MEMS encapsulation.
  • Extensive application areas by application-driven solutions.
  • Wide patent portfolio: Glass packaging, powder MEMS, piezo MEMS, micro-mirror technology, and more.

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